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"Royer's writing is amply enhanced here by the impeccable approach of the soloist, thanks to the rich and flowing ornamentation, the airiness of the melodic conduct, the rhythmic liveliness and a very personal taste for hesitations, sudden silences and suspensions: solutions that have made it possible to fully focus on the uncommon richness and complexity of the collection in question".

"The overall rendering of the Pièces is absolutely admirable, with which Selmo has revealed an authentic elective affinity for delicacy and sensitivity, as well as for the ability to grasp the most subtle details and chiaroscuro of an always surprising invention."

"This expressiveness of hers is very powerful and I must say that it is very pleasant to listen to her in even unknown things such as these pieces by Royer that she manages to bring to a truly commendable density."

"The March of the Scythians is defined as one of the largest and also most arduous rondeaux in French harpsichord literature. We heard it in these pieces, a truly extraordinary Selmo technique."

Anna Menichetti,
Italian Swiss Radio

Claudio Bolzan,

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"Angelica Selmo catches the character of each of 14 pieces, and is fully up to the virtuosity required in La marche des Scythes - a tour de force that foully exploits the resources of the French mid - 18th century harpsichord and his fine modern reproduction recorded here An excellent recording."


David Ponsford (choir and organ)


"..a sort of human theater that finds a lively and sensitive interpreter in Selmo, capable of fully exploiting the wide tonal palette of the harpsichord built by the Leita Brothers"

Letizia Michielon,

"Dans ce CD -un régal- je perse jamais l'ennui!" 

Jean-Paul Lécot (Clic Musique)

Gallantry and evocation of echoes of nature, a sharp probe to investigate the disturbances of an already fragmented ego, the gallery of these 14 pieces forms an imaginary Suite that the interpreter lights up with magnificent adhesion


Elide Bergamaschi (Operateatro)

"Performing them are Fabiano Martignago (flute) and Angelica Selmo (harpsichord) who not only accompanies the flute creating the figured bass with a profound sense of style, but also performs the two pieces by Purcell embellishing, without ever weighing them down, the melodies in the refrains such as from Baroque executive practice. The same sense of style characterizes Martignago's rehearsal who, gifted with an excellent technique and an expressive sound evident in the passages of greater lyricism, performs these pieces with great attention to the phrasing."
"The readings proposed by Fabiano Martignago and Angelica Selmo bring sensitive speech to the fore, pervaded by a soft and easy cantabile at the same time"

Luca Rossetto Casel

Riccardo Viagrande
BGOPERA Magazine)


September 20, 2021 
RAI Radio 3(first movement)

Presentation of the Stradivarius record
Pancrace Royer, Pièces de Clavecin

November 17, 2021
Italian Swiss Radio (The review)

Presentation of the Stradivarius record
Pancrace Royer, Pièces de Clavecin

August 30, 2021
Classic Radio

Presentation of the Stradivarius record
Pancrace Royer, Pièces de Clavecin

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