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Pancrace Royer, Pièces de Clavecin

Harpsichord recital 

Angelica Selmo, harpsichord

"The overall rendering of the Pièces is absolutely admirable, with which Selmo has revealed an authentic elective affinity for delicacy and sensitivity, as well as for the ability to grasp the most subtle details and chiaroscuro of an always surprising invention."

Recorder and harpsichord

Fabiano Martignago, recorder
Angelica Selmo, harpsichord

"The readings proposed by Fabiano Martignago and Angelica Selmo bring sensitive speech to the fore, pervaded by a soft and easy cantabile at the same time"


Ianus Harpsichord Duo

Alberto Maron, harpsichord
Angelica Selmo, harpsichord

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Violin and harpsichord

Renzo Michelini
Angelica Selmo, harpsichord

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